The Meek Mill and The Game beef seemed to come out of left field, but has heated up quickly with the Compton rapper going hard at the Dreamchasers head honcho. But at least one person wants to see it end before it goes any further. Incarcerated Black Mafia Family leader Big Meech has reached out to the Philly rapper in hopes of quelling the situation.

Meek recently posted a screen shot of a message that was relayed to him by the convicted drug kingpin, who is serving a 30-year prison sentence, on Instagram. "I was trying to holler at you for a min[ute] so hopefully I can say something to you that means something before them dudes out there force your hand and make you crash and lose everything out there you work[ed] hard to get," Meech wrote. "Wanna see you on top successful where you belong not in prison over avoidable dumb shit," he added.


Earlier this week, Game made it known he wants to throw hands with the MMG MC, for reasons unknown at the time. A day later, Chuck put out the track "92 Bars" where calls Meek a snitch and even offers this low blow, “Nicki won’t get no sleep, I’m coming through at 4 a.m., four deep / Leave a dead body on a soaked sheet,” he raps.

Meek has since responded on Instagram. "U wanna fight? Next morning a diss raps…… Then the pre-order links,” wrote Meek. “THE JIG IS UP YALL GUYS REAL RAPPERS!”

It turns out, the issue behind the whole situation is Game thinking Meek told the police the Cali rapper's people robbed Sean Kingston of his jewelry back in June.

Hopefully cooler heads will prevail.

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