The countdown is REAL.

So with just a few days left until the B106 Prom I decided to go ahead and toss out a checklist of things I don't expect to see! I know that with all the excitement surrounded around this event some of us may need a little help.

So no worries- you know Bosslady has ya back!

1) Ladies DO NOT TAKE YOUR HEELS OFF. Trust me i know the pain of wearing heels for hours and then having to front as if your looking good and feeling great but pain is beauty! Do not embarrass yourself by walking around in a beautiful dress with dirty bare feet.

2) Fellas spare us and keep your shirt buttoned to the top if you do not shave the hair off of your chest (According to Trey ladies if you have hair this applies to you).

3) Ladies remember to shave your under arms!

4) EVERYBODY don't forget the deodorant. This is the most important thing on the list.

5) Lastly, Do Not come unless your ready to turnup. It will get real.

Oh. And did you get your tickets yet?