Being Bae Without the Title
So a couple days ago I was on the phone my girl friends and we were chit chatting about our Baes and what not when one of my girls begin to explain this “Situation” she’s in. After hearing her talk for hours and yes I do mean hours I came to a conclus…
10 Restaurants We Miss In Temple
There's no shortage of great restaurants in Temple these days, but I can think of at least 10 places that have closed and left a hole in my heart and a grumble in my belly.
A few of these places could easily come back any day now, but some were irreplaceable institutions...
Urban Dictionary Does Killeen, Waco Dirty
Have you ever went to and actually payed attention to some of the crazy definitions they have? They're pretty hilarious.
Well, I was curious to see what would come up if I searched Killeen, Belton and Waco.
Now, I'm going to warn you some of these definitions will have yo…

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