Familia Ink Tattoo Company Opened 3 years ago with a family environment focused on artists that are about their artwork.  


Sunday they threw a community celebration with giveaways etc. 

Located in Killeen at 810 w. Rancier chances are if you’ve gotten something on your body pierced or received a tattoo in this area recently, you got it from Familia Ink Tattoo Ink Company!


They pride themselves on Custom drawn tattoos and the majority of all their work is free-hand.


Tubby is the owner/ artist and has been doing tattoos over 10 years.


Sin has been a family friend for over 20 years.


Trae, Famous, and Alex are the artists who give a professional effort into every tattoo they do.  


Amanda is the piercer and known the family for over 15 years.  


You need that ink?


Hit up Familia Ink Tattoos!


Shouts outs to Chix!