Jazmin Hernandez filed a lawsuit in March against Baylor University claiming that then Head Football Coach, Art Briles, and Athletic Director Ian McCaw ignored her claims that she was raped by a former player.

The player, Tevin Elliott, is now serving a 20 year prison term after being found guilty in the case.

Lawyers for both Briles and McCraw argued that because of their official role under the Title IX federal gender discrimination law cited in the lawsuit they cannot be sued.

The attorney for Hernandez agreed and removed both Briles and Mccraw from the lawsuit. The air isn't totally clear for the two as Hernandez's attorney states they will still seek to file new individual lawsuits in state court.

Coach Briles attorney Kenneth Tekell released a statement saying "Coach Art Briles is very happy he has been dismissed as a defendant in this case. Plaintiffs may very well allege future claims against him and we will take those on if and when they are filed."


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