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Last week we reported that students at Eastern Hills, Manor, Patterson and Union Grove Middle Schools may have potentially been in contact with someone exposed to TB.


Friday, a Bell County Public Health District spokesman confirmed, that a student at one of those four schools has the disease.


In his statement, Gene Mikeska said "The Health District, on any given day, investigates multiple positive TB tests. They are not aware of any positive tests that are directly linked to the recent exposure at KISD. If it is found that there are positive test results from this recent exposure, this information will only be shared with the patient and their parents. Test results of any kind are not released to the school district or anyone else because of confidentiality laws".


Parents of students who may have been exposed have been contacted. 


Officials are not saying if the disease was passed on by an employee of Killeen ISD being that pre-employment or regular TB testing for employees isn't mandatory.