So KCEN TV asks this question on their Facebook page earlier today after a Sacramento radio station banned Kanye from the airwaves:

My answer is NO!


He hasn't offended anyone.

He said he would have voted for what? Millions of others ACTUALLY voted for Trump sooooo what's the problem?

He has been talking about Jay-Z and Beyonce lately in public saying he thinks Jay will get someone to kill him, and Beyonce has awards shows rigged.

So What???

His tour was cancelled by Live Nation. So What?!?

To not play his music makes no sense.

He is clearly going through mental issues and needs prayer now, not for people to ban his music.

What happens when he bounces back? (which we all know he will)

We here at B1-06 will proudly play Kanye's music until there is a reason not to.... Thanks