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Rhythm & Brunch Live Sunday Day Party
Your Sunday just got a little better,
This Sunday join the grown and sexy crowd for an afternoon of fun.
Level Up Lounge presents 'Rhythm & Brunch Live Sunday Day Party.'
Tickets are $20 and include brunch, live music, and a pleasant ambiance.
Offset Tattooed Cardi B's Name (Pic Inside)
Tat my name on you, so I know it's real.
if you were anything like me and had doubts about this whole Cardi B and Offset engagement, then this new tattoo should change your mind!
It's been a week since Offset was exposed on social media for having sexual intercourse with a chick that wasn&ap…
Evidence From Nelly's 2017 Rape Case Released
Evidence has finally been released from Nelly's 2017 rape case.
Last month the prosecutor dropped the case due to the alleged victim refusing to testify but now that the case is closed the photos and videos gathered during the case have been revealed.
Kevin Gates Has A Message For Fans
He's FREE!
Finally, after serving 30 months in prison Kevin Gates is a free man.
Can we just make Jan 10 officially Kevin Gates day?
Not only did he excite fans with the news of his release but he shut the internet down with one cryptic post...
1/8 CTX Weighed In On The Bosslady Lounge Question
Here's a question that's going to test your loyalty!
Have you ever invited a close friend over for an event and they showed up with a bae only it's not the person they are married too?
Nah, it never happen to you?
Well have you ever been fully aware that your friend was cheating on their…
Chris Brown Drops A Freestyle While Sitting On The Toilet
Chris Brown can do no wrong!
Would you be surprised if I told you Breezy killed a freestyle while sitting on the toilet?
Yeah, neither would I.
I think we all could agree that Chris Brown is one of the most talented artists of this generation but let's be honest the boy just doesn't have it a…
Alter Ego Twerk Class Hosted In Killeen
Twerk, twerk, twerk, twerk, twerk that a@#!
Calling all my twerkers for a ladies night out.
Are you a hard working woman who deserves a night of fun? Join Laugh It Up Comedy Lounge as they host their first ever Alter Ego twerk class Thursday, January, 18th...
2018 MLK Annual Step Up Fest
The Annual Martin Luther King High School Step Show is back!
Join Texas high school step teams as they compete for bragging rights while honoring Dr. Martin Luther King this Sunday, January 14th, at the Killeen Civic and Conference Center.
Plies- Official Music Video For "Rock"
It's been a little over two weeks since Plies dropped his mixtape 'Aint No Mixtape Bih 3' and he's already coming with a new video.
The track 'Rock' is something different coming from the social media guru. He actually shows off his soft side as he talks about his ride o…
Bosslady Lounge Question Of The Day 1/2
New year, new question!
Yup, it's 2018 and I'm still stirring up trouble with my question of the day.
Today inside the lounge we gave out some well-needed advice to a listener who is having problems with his baby mama.
If you are no longer with your child's other parent then I'm sur…
Suicide Hotline Information
The holiday isn't always full of joy for some people.
If you are struggling with depression please don't feel alone. This time of the year can cause many people to experience mixed emotions due to the loss of loved ones and finical situations...
Check Out This Lounge Question That Tore The CTX Upside Down
The Bosslady Lounge tends to bring the crazy out of people.
Yesterday, the lounge got a little crazy with a question that seemed to hit a couple of nerves.
How do you feel about your significant other spending the night at their baby mama's / baby daddy house for christmas...
Waco Police Are Searching For 2 Armed Robbers
According to KWTX two suspects are on the run after committing an armed robbery at a Waco gas station Friday evening.
Two suspects wearing bandanas and dark clothing entered the Alon gas station around 11:50 p.m. with a displayed rifle while demanding cash from the store associate.
G-Eazy Released "No Limit (Remix)" Video
Finally, G-Eazy has blessed with us a video for No Limit and it's LIT!
"F%$# with me and get some money," has literally become my motto over the past month so I was patiently waiting for a visual to match the track and let's just say he did not disappoint...
5 Last Minute Gifts To Purchase Your Man
Alright ladies we are 7 days away from Christmas and if you are anything like me then you have procrastinated on Christmas shopping.
It's crunch time now and ordering online is out the question so what should you do?
Let me save the day sis, here's a list of 5 last minute gifts to bless your…
5 Last Minute Christmas Gifts To Purchase Your Woman
"It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!"
We are approximately 7 days away from the day that most men dread, yes I am talking about Christmas.
I know the pressure gets real when it's time to purchase the perfect gift for your lady but have no fear Bosslady is here...
Beat King Will Be Taking Over Club Tabu
"If you the baddest in the club where ya at tho?" - Beat King
The twerk gawd is coming to Killeen!
Yup, that's right Beat King will be blessing Club Tabu this Friday, Dec 22.
Anybody who is somebody will be in attendance!
Purchase your tickets now at Eventbrite.
Bosslady Lounge Question Of The Day
Another day, another question.
What's a Monday without a good debate?
Today's Bosslady Lounge question had a ton of people going back and forth and surprisingly the fellas were making more sense than the women.
Is it okay for a married man to co-sign an apartment for his baby mother...