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Ella Mai Just Released Dates For The "Boo'd Up" Tour
"Listen to my heart go ba-dum, boo'd up - Biddy-da-dum, boo'd up."
Could you imagine being in a room with Ella Mai while singing along to one of the hottest songs of 2018?
At this point, you don't have to imagine because it's officially possible...
CTX Weighs In On The Question Of The Day
Grab your Dr. Phil hat cause one of my listeners need our advice!
So get this she’s in the middle of getting a divorce but she’s been dating a guy for a few months! Her family doesn't accept her new boyfriend because she has yet to tell him she's currently go…
Humane Society of Central Texas Is In Need Of Help
The Humane Society of Central Texas needs your help!
The summer is always a hard time for the humane society and this year they are struggling with space. The shelter has been over capacity for the last two-weeks housing 346 cats, dogs, puppies, and kittens...
CTX Taps In On Weird Foods They Enjoy
I can openly admit that I enjoy a few weird food combinations but the good thing is I'm not the only one!
Check out some weird foods that people in the CTX enjoy and then after i'll tell you mine.
Okay, so now that I won't be the only person your judging...
CTX Celebrated National Best-Friend Day
Go Best-friend..That's my Best-friend!
Friday was national best friend day and you know we celebrated in CTX!
Check out all the dynamic duos that's out here living they best life!
Beyonce and Jay Premiere The Twins During OTR II First Tour Stop
Finally, Jay and Beyonce have revealed the twins!
Today the Carter's kicked off their world tour in Amsterdam and in true form these two have once again broken the internet.
After almost a year fans got a chance to see the twins Rumi and Sir in a video that premiered during some point of the show…
Movie Filmed in Waco Just Released A Trailer
Back in 2017, a major film was produced in Temple and the trailer is officially out!
Although the movie was not fully filmed in Waco some parts were so it's worth a watch!
The film features Academy Award winners, Sissy Spacek and Robert Redford. The...
Apple Just Announced A New Face-Time Update
Apple is back with another update!
This time they're coming thru with a major Face-time update that's guaranteed to change the game.
The new iOS 12 update will allow you to have up to 32 people in a single chat!
I'm just trying to figure out why would you need to be face timing over 5 pe…
Bosslady Has A Message For All The 2018 Graduates
Damn, time is flying!
It seems like yesterday school was just starting and next thing you know we are celebrating prom and graduation.
Over the weekend several schools in Central Texas hosted their annual commencement ceremony where students walked across the stage to receive their diplomas...
Temple Puts A Stage 4 Water Restriction In Place
The city of Temple mandated stage 4 water restrictions for all areas of east of I-35 on Friday night.
the restriction was placed because of a leak to a critical water transmission line.
That means things like washing cars, filling pools and watering your lawn are restricted, in addition to everything …
First Zaxby's Location In Temple Will Open Tuesday
Tomorrow, May 28th the first Zaxby's location will open in Temple!
The new location will be located at 2002 S. 31st St and will operate from 10:30 a.m. to 10 p.m. daily.
Zaxby's in known for their salads, chicken wings and tenders.
Friday's Bosslady Lounge Question Of The Day
I know I'm not the only one who grew up listening to music they had no business listening to!
Back in the day you couldn't tell me nothing when Nelly's hit 'Tipdrill' use to come on. I would stay up just to catch the X-rated video.
Check out all the songs the CTX listed on soc…
CTX Mugshots Of May
Another month, another line of mug shots!
You might want to check and see if your people's made the list.
The mug shots consist of people who were involved in crimes in the CTX.
Totally 4 Kids Offer Overnight Childcare
Are you looking for an overnight daycare?
Need a date night?
Totally 4 Kids presents Over Night Childcare starting June 1st.
TOTALLY 4 KIDS offers quality affordable childcare when you need it!
Located at 546 E FM 2410 STE. D H...
Trailer For 'City Of Lies' The New Notorious B.I.G. Movie
There's a movie based on the Notorious BIG on the way!
The new trailer for the movie "City Of Lies" was released today (May 21), which also happens to be the late hip-hop icon birthday.
The movie will star Johnny Depp and Forest Whitaker as we get a chance to explore the LAPD po…
Chef Jelli Is Taking Over Killeen With Her Hand Made Wing Sauce
It really should be a crime for me to be this full while at work!
Now Y'all know I couldn't enjoy some bomb a#$ wings without sharing the plug.
If you love thick, juicy wings with a lot of flavor I'm telling you right now you need to check out Chef Jelli.
Savage Whips Car Club Presents 'Kids Against Bullying' Event
Savage Whips Car Club presents their second annual Kids Against Bullying event!
Saturday, May 19th bring your kids out for a day of fun at Condor Park.
Free food, games, storytelling, bounce houses, face painting and more will be available. Als...
Trey The Choklit Jok and Bosslady Facebook Takeover
Listen if you're not following us on Facebook you missed a pretty lit day yesterday!
What's the first thing you do when you get your hair done or that fresh haircut? You jump right on social media and make sure your followers catch it.
Belton School Board Just Approved A New High School
According to KWTX Belton should have a new high school by 2023!
The Belton School Board approved spending $106 million for the district's second high school which will be named Lake Belton High.
Barlett Cocke will serve as the general contractors for the 394,000 square feet that will fit up to 2,…