The Top 10 BANGAS on B106!
Number 10- If I see you and I don't speak I'm on my Cardi B!
Yo Gotti- Juice
Number 9- Gucci continues to live his best life ever! Getting the Bag with Migos
A$AP Ferg hittin you in the face with that  Plain Jane joint Number 8!
Number 7 Lil PuMP Pump- How many times can you say Gucc…
Cardi B Debut Album Is Coming Soon
Cardi B not playing with y'all no more!!
She's coming for everything this fall and I think it may be epic.
The 'turnt up' reality star is riding the wave of her recent success. She's been gracing a ton of stages and getting booked to host parties left and right...
Boss Project: U-haul Fill Up Was A Success
I can't explain how I excited and grateful I am that we were able to supply a U-haul full of items for the hurricane Harvey evacuees.
Yesterday was such a humbling experience and I truly appreciate all of the listeners who donated items and sent words of encouragement...
The City Of Killeen Needs Immediate Support
Killeen is in dire need!
According to KDH NEWS, the city of Killeen is asking for donations of toiletries, food and other necessities as soon as possible!
The Killeen Community Center is currently housing a ton of Harvey evacuees and the numbers are set to increase by later tonight...
Waco Welcomes A Fully Stocked Greenhouse
People living in Waco now have access to a fully stocked greenhouse.
Missioned Waco has partnered with Green Mountain Energy Sun Club to provide a rainwater capture system, a solar grid, aquaponics system, and  a composter.
All of these tools will allow residents the opportunity to grow a nu…

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