K-Camp and Webbie Hits Killeen This Friday
Yup the countdown is real. We are literally a few days away from one of the biggest concerts of June and I'm hoping yall are getting your lives together!
I am telling you now GO BIG or stay home because it's going down this Friday at Club Tabu...
T-Pain Is Back With New Music
Something is on the wayyyyy!
So I'm sure you guys will look at me crazy when I tell you this but...T-Pain is one of my favorite singers and he is backkkkk!
Brace yourselves because in true T-Pain fashion he just released a new song that's off the wall plus he just teased a collab album …
DM Etiquette- How To Slide In The DM’s Properly
So obviously we are in the days where social media pretty much runs everything! No more going out and finding a bae when you can just add them as a friend and build up the courage to slide in them DM's.
So with me being the informative person I am, I decided I would help you DM go getters out an…