Bush’s Chicken on West Adams Not Closing Down
Around lunchtime Friday, we started getting calls from listeners wondering if Bush's Chicken at 5283 West Adams Avenue in Temple had closed down. Curious and fearing I might be losing one of my favorite lunch spots, I hopped into a station van and drove to check it out.
The Most Expensive Thanksgiving Dinner In Texas
Earlier this week we told you about Dallas based retailer Neiman Marcus and its now SOLD OUT $66 Collared Greens and the internet went completely crazy talking about it. Well, that isn't the only thing menu item Neiman Marcus is pushing this holiday season that has us scratching our heads...
5 National Taco Day Deals In Central Texas
To some, this is just another ordinary Tuesday, but this isn't just another weekday folks. NOPE. It's National Taco Day! Today we pay homage to this amazing and delicious food and instead of boring with you a "history lesson" on the origins of the taco, we'll give you the skinny on who, wh…

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