Should I Take I-35 Or Highway 195 With Tolls To Austin?
We're just a few weeks away from SXSW and the annual pilgrimage to Austin brings back the same debate for Central Texans: Should I Take I-35 or Highway 195?
Having took both routes separately and even a weird combination of both I'm come to the conclusion myself that 195 is "slight…
The Great Texas Steak Debate: Sauce Or No Sauce? [POLL]
You know the saying "Beef: It's What's For Dinner"? Well, there's a lot of social media "beef" over how you should have your steak. Now this isn't the other beef (Rare, Medium Rare, Well Done) but its one that's sprung up among Texans and …
Buc-ee Beaver Says Choke Canyon Alligator is a Copycat
For many, Buc-ee Beaver has become a symbol as Texan as the Lone Star and the outline of a longhorn. He's the face of Texas' favorite travel stop, which offers the cleanest bathrooms, most gas pumps, and cheapest ice you can find on the road.
It therefore comes as no surprise that Buc-ee's, Ltd, head…
Help Kelsey Get Her Revenge
For years, "Rowdy" Rodney Sharp has been terrorizing our poor Digital Sales Guru, Kelsey Kilter. Whether he's posting embarrassing photos and vidoes of her on Facebook or constantly pranking her, Rowdy always seems to have poor Kelsey in his cross-hairs.

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