Trey the Choklit Jok

Sweet Treats for you on December 4th!
Did you know that December 4th is National Cookie Day!
Which means ALL Great American Cookie Stores will be giving away a FREE Chocolate Chip Cookie just for visiting any one of their locations!
Plus they will give you a little "something extra" to receive a future sweet treat..…
Medical Marijuana will soon be sold legally in Texas!
Yes, you read that right....Medical Marijuana will soon be sold legally in Texas!
Sorry potheads because I know your antennas just went up.... of course, there's a catch...
This luxury will only be offered to patients with intractable epilepsy which means the almost 28 million people in the …
DC Young Fly is coming to Killeen!
Central Texas It's Another ONE!!!
B106 and New Amsterdam Present the Comedy Pop Up Series Part 4!
Starring comedian actor and host of MTV's TRL D.C. Young Fly!
Wednesday & Thursday Night December 27th & 28th (2nights Only) Tickets On Sale Now for only $35 purchase on…

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