Wow, someone should pepper spray his ass! A Texas mailman is accused of pepper spraying three dogs who were behind a gate (not a threat to him)!

Credit: KXXV

This Houston mailman was just being cruel, the small dogs were not only behind a gate, but the mail box were outside the gate! The three dogs, Bella, Romeo and Lexi, had no chance of attacking the mailman, according to KXXV! Their owner, Jose Cruz, says the dogs suffered from irritated eyes and discolored coats due to the pepper spray. The mailman is 21-year-old John Oveal and he was caught on video spraying the dogs, which he alleges showed their teeth, so he sprayed them like he was trained to. Jose says he doesn't want John arrested or fired, but he wants him to do community service, “I think a little community service, SPCA. That’s where we got Bella. We rescued her. It hurts, what he did.”

It's disgusting that someone would intentionally harm an animal that was not a threat to his safety! Their owner is better than me, I'd demand he be fired! Who knows how many other animals he's done this to or will do it to again!

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