Beefcake (in my Joseline Hernandez voice)! Damn, it looks like he was on track to have an amazing BBQ or maybe a date-night! A Texas man is accused of stealing this...

Tim Boyle, Getty Images

Is that stolen steaks in your pants or are you just happy to see me? An East Texas man is accused of stealing steaks from a Walmart in Longview, according to KXXV. After the beef bandit stole the steaks, he went all Speedracer on cops, leading them on a high speed chase through two East Texas counties, topping 100 mph!

One of the officers said, "It appears that there’s steaks and meats of some sort flying out the windows, and one of them bounced off my patrol car. That’s not something you think of people stealing, especially running from the police in the process. Today was a new one."

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