I love Subway sandwiches!

And since I have been here in Texas I eat out a lot!

So I have been to 3 sub spots and might I say, they taste drastically different.

For instance, Subway, I have been going there for years. No surprise here.

I get my turkey sub on wheat with everything and my cheddar Sun Chips and keep it moving! 

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Then there's Jersey Mike's In Killeen. 

I too like the turkey subs there but I like it Mike's way!

When you get it Mike's way, they douse it in red wine vinegar and more of the good stuff, keeps me coming back bro....

Then they wrap it up all cute for you when you go! 

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Lastly, Jimmy Johns!

Not only do I freaking love this place the radio commercials that run are just as entertaining.  

The first time I went to Jimmy John's there was something about the sprouts that struck my curiousity and then I fell in love with the bread! The Gargantuan and The Beach Club are my favorites!

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Help me Determine who has the best Subs in CTX!!!