So it's not often that I get to actually kick it with my girls but when we do link up it's always a good time. Now, iv'e had the same friends for years and I realized to have a healthy relationship/circle everyone has to play apart. Realistically we all have those certain friends that you can describe and people know exactly who they are! So below iv'e created a list of each personality that you should have in your circle..

1) That one friends that's always down to ride no matter what! You can call her at three am and shes coming out the house dressed in black ready to go to war! The loyal friend.

2) That one friend who always looks on the bright side of the things. We all need a pick me up friend. She's the one that can motivate you no matter the situation. The breath of fresh air.

3) That one friend who is always loud! The one you always have to apologize for because she's rude, blunt and just don't know when to shutup! You know you will be embarrassed a couple times while out with her but she will keep a genuine smile on your face. She's the turnup queen.

4) That one friend who serves as the peace maker. She pretty much just goes with the flow. She doesn't complain much and she hates to be in the middle of any drama!

5) That one friend who swear they are the mama of the group! Entirely to bossy, always has to have the last say. The one who is overly protective.

6) That one friend you will always view as a baby! NO matter their age or how much they accomplish you want to protect them.


Now, which friend are you?

Johnny Louis- Getty Images