After a long and arduous process, 50 Cent has agreed to pay the $6 million that he owes Rick Ross’ baby mama in her defamation case.

As you may recall, a jury awarded Ross’ ex-girlfriend, Lastonia Leviston, $7 million for her pain and suffering after Fif posted her sex tape online and mocked her on social media.

On Tuesday (May 17), the G-Unit leader filed his debt proposal in U.S. Bankruptcy Court in Connecticut to help pay back the three main creditors that he owes money to.

According to Bossip, in the court documents, 50 states that he will play Leviston a lump sum in exchange for her dropping her $7 million sex tape case against him. If the New York rapper doesn’t pay up in 30 days, Leviston is awarded the full sum of her judgement. Apparently, Leviston has agreed with 50's proposal.

The Power creator has also reached an agreement with Sleek Audio and Sunburst Bank. 50 Cent promises to pay $17.3 million of Sleek Audio's $18.1 million judgment they won in their breach-of-contract suit.

The 40-year-old rapper also proposed paying close to $4 million to SunTrust Bank for backing SMS Audio, $1.2 million to ASCAP for a royalty advance and nearly $132,000 to Bentley Financial Services for his 2012 vehicle.

The proposed bankruptcy plan also gives 50 Cent five years to pay back $1.3 million to other creditors. If he pays within a year, he’ll only have to pay 75 percent of the claims. But if he takes the full five years, he’ll pay 92 percent of the debt.

A bankruptcy judge has yet to sign off on 50's debt plan.

Overall, it looks like 50 Cent is putting his bankruptcy case behind him and moving forward to a prosperous future.

Attorneys for 50 Cent had no comment on the matter.

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