Sign Your Kids Up For Football/Cheerleading With CTX AAU Team
Football season is around the corner let's get the babies signed up and ready for a new season.
Are you looking for an extracurricular activity to get your child involved in for the summer?
AAU team Organized Generals now have open registration for both football and cheerleading...
TX Prison Guards Fired Due To Social Media Challenge
Yikes, social media is getting people fired.
According to KXXV, two prison guards resigned and four Texas prison guards were fired after participating in a social media challenge.
The guards participated in the #feelingmyselfchallenge where they posted themselves in uniform while at work with funny ca…
Question: Do You Judge People Off Their Social Media Pages?
If dating isn't already hard add social media to the equation and watch it get tougher.
In this day and age social media is the end all be all for millennials. It's the first thing people check when their eyes open, it's the place where all accomplishments go first and oh don't up…
Rich The Kid Is Looking To Hire A Professional Blunt Roller
Rich The Kid is dishing out a quick $5000.00!
Are you looking for a quick come up? You know how to roll a blunt?
Don't be afraid to get ya money especially when you could be on tour with Rich The Kid. During a smoke session on 4/20 Rich The Kid had a realization that he needs to hire some help...

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