By now I'm sure you've heard about what happen with Nick Gordon and Iggy (If you haven't- back out of this post and catch up with the boss lady brew or keep reading for a quick brief)

So get this he allegedly cheated AGAIN, but this time he went back to his baby momma and now she's supposedly pregnant AGAIN! So this whole story took me back to this heated debate I had with a few friends last year!

Ladies, Males really think they can get the box whenever they want it if you guys have a baby together...Did y'all know that? Well these fellas argued me to death and even used their own life scenarios to prove the point...

So of course I took it straight to the lounge and I wanted to know what y'all thought, can the men really get the box when ever they want if you have kids with them?

Check out what y'all had to say CTX...

Caller 1

Caller 2