Earlier this week, Kanye West fans demanded that the NFL tap the Chicago rapper to perform at Super Bowl 51 in 2017. Now Chris Brown’s fans are jumping in the mix as well.

Breezy’s “loyal” fans have launched a petition to have the R&B singer rock the mic during halftime at Super Bowl LI in Houston, Texas, next year.

“Chris Brown is One of the Most Talented Entertainers in this Generation,” reads the request letter at Change.org. “Since Chris Brown came out he has been compared to many legendary artists...[and has] the ambition...to make a Great Halftime Show.”

Although Brown is a phenomenal stage performer, his controversial past is something that the NFL might frown upon. Granted, it happened many years ago and the singer has paid the consequences for his actions, but the producers of the Super Bowl may not want to deal with any residual backlash that Brown could possibly bring.

So far, nearly 6,000 supporter have signed the Change.org petition and is almost nearing the goal of 7,500 signatures.

The NFL has not yet announced who will perform at Super Bowl 51. Rumors were swirling that Adele was being considered, but the British singer said she's not going to be performing at the event.

Either way, Chris Brown seems eager to f--- up the stage— in a good way.