R&Beef is alive and well, ladies and gentlemen. Yesterday (May 10) singer Kevin McCall urged Chris Brown to use his power on social media for positivity instead of negativity, but it only lead to barbs getting thrown back and forth.

"Please tell your fans Idgaf about you? Please last time I asked nicely your "gang" came up...that was hella gAy. Just end it bro," McCall said. "My fans don't go on your page cuz they listen to stuff that makes sense...do your fans worship you? Or respeck you bro? Control your fans but you won't never control my mouth unless you personally do it....u got my number and everyone u know does. Holla."

McCall went on to say that Breezy would get beat up in L.A. if he kept talking crazy and even accused the "Loyal" singer of stealing.

Naturally Chris wasn't gonna stand around and watch all this go down, so he hopped on Instagram to make fun of McCall and his show sales. McCall eventually responded in a long IG post: "u think u get a pass for trying to bang on a nigga who don't bang but literally has Cuzzns and relatives from everywhere lol you don't know WHO the Fucc I know dummy I'm born here dumb ass. Now run a proper head up fade and stop making memes I'm omw to vegas I will post every location I Am at and I'll text all your people who actually text me back when I try to talk some fucking sense into your rehabilitation center ass...punk! finish it hoe lol it ain't about money I have other deals dumb fuck lol I actually made the music you tour to and that brought u back after you chose to use her face for punching bag practice (my baby mamas have no scars or Tmz hospital photos WOW big difference lol)."

This isn't the first time they've thrown shots at each other. See the entire exchange below.

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