Well, by now I am sure that you have caught wind to the upcoming Instagram update and if you haven't then get ready to brace yourself for this news.

Lately, I've been seeing a lot of upset and obnoxious IG users. If people aren't complaining about the new face of IG then they are constantly asking you to push the notification button on the top of their page (Which I do not recommend, unless your doing it for the stations page). So heres why everybody is upset.....

Every since IG was known to man we receive images in chronological order. We have seen a lot of different updates over the past year such as videos, filters and the search page but now we can add the way we will view content to the list. Coming soon, IG will no longer show content as it is posted but instead they will show you images that you are most likely  to like (prime ex: Facebook). The company has yet to set a release date but the system is being selectively tested. So heres the pros and cons of this new update:

Pro: You no longer have to weed through your timeline watching pointless videos and passing by images that do not interest you.

Cons: If you run a business off of IG you will have to work a lot harder to get your service seen. (this is why companies are begging you to push the notification button. it will allow you to always stay up to date with their post)

You may actually miss something! How many times have you been scrolling down your feed and you see something that you would have never saw if this random account wouldn't have posted it. Yeah, no more of that.

You could possibly be a day late! Instead of seeing the post when it first goes up it's a chance you may not see it until the next day.

So with everything laid out there are some big changes coming our way. Whose ready?