The term "idiot" seems like an understatement. Don't get us wrong, we've all thought about it. But come on...

In a world of roughly seven billion people our guess is that nearly all seven billion want to touch Beyonce Knowles. The unfortunate truth is only Jay-Z has earned that right. But that didn't stop one fan from grabbing himself a little taste of H.O.V.A's world. Sorry, slapping a taste.

Yes, recently, some guy was brazen enough to slap Beyonce's rear at one of her shows during a performance. The event was naturally caught on video and tossed up online just yesterday, causing this guy to be the most hated man in the world.

Luckily, Bey had a great sense of humor regarding the slap, saying "I'll have you escorted out for that." But truthfully, the guy is surely on some sort of list now.

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