Last month there was a massive recall on applesauce pouches across Texas and the United States due to severe levels of lead contamination that has potentially caused several hundreds of children to become ill, or experience some level of lead poisoning.

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Well, we have now learned, thanks to new information being shared by the Federal Drug Administration (FDA), that the problem may not have ended with the returning and destroying of the laced applesauce.

FDA Warning: Immediately Remove This From Your Texas Home Now

@rubin_allergy The FDA has issued a recall of ground cinnamon products due to lead contamination. Please check your spices to see if you have these products and discard them. #lead#cinnamon#recall#tiktokdoc#learnontiktok♬ Mysterious and sad BGM(1120058) - S and N
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There's a very good chance this item is in your pantry, and staring you in the face.
That's right, the FDA recall has now grown to 6 different brands of ground cinnamon you can find at stores all over Texas, and across the country. One of the fortunate factors in applesauce is that it generally has very few components.
So, thanks to a quick ingredient study, the product checkers were able to determine that it was actually tainted cinnamon that was most likely making the applesauce a health hazard.
If you feel like recalls have been increasing lately and are nervous about the reliability of our food, these recalls are actually a good thing. As science has improved, so has the ability to test our foods and trigger recalls more quickly.

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