So you thought you were going to have a nice relaxing weekend with the kids, maybe go swimming and hit the movies? Ha, if your kid wasn't born in the 90's then you may want to sit this one out!

This weekend will go down in the books...i hope that these theaters are ready! After years of waiting for the sequel to Finding Nemo we are finally being blessed with Finding Dory.

Finding Dory is a Disney movie that shows you the beauty of family and how important it is to cherish the times you have. The big release date is this Thursday and social media has been going crazyyyyy!

I've seen several post warning parents to refrain from the movies and just let the 90's kid enjoy their moment. lol Yeah, we are crazy.

So if you decide to partake in the Disney Movie festivities just remember Bosslady warned you....There will be a bunch of BIG looking people with kiddy smiles and loud laughs watching a kids movie!