Fans around the world must have felt some type of way when Frank Ocean had canceled three festival appearances in about a month. After finally releasing two albums last year, Endless and Blonde, to end a four-year drought, the hype to see Frank hit major stages around the world was fair and expected. Those expectations were finally fulfilled yesterday (June 9) at Denmark's NorthSide Festival.

After keeping festivals waiting since 2014, he wasted no time by opening with new songs like "Pretty Sweet,” “Solo," “Chanel” and “Lens.” It's unclear why Frank took so long to be able to perform these songs in a festival setting, but now fans can sleep easy at night knowing that he is finally following through with his word.

It's possible that his legal issues with other artists and his father needed to be handled first, before fully rehearsing and preparing for international shows. On the music side, Frank has steadily premiered new tracks on Blonded Radio on Beats 1.

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