It seems like it's been a while since we got a new solo record from Future, relatively speaking. But Hendrix returns today with the new banger "How It Feel" produced by Mike Will Made-It where he may be taking shots at his ex Ciara.

The Freebandz head honcho catches the mellow Ear Drummers tracks with a chorus of "Ask me how it feel your bitch fuck another bitch/Ask me how it feel when you smashin' all this G shit/Ask me how it feel to smash just to this R&B shit/Ask me how it feel when we thought you wouldn't be shit."

The lines that could be considered Ci Ci digs come later on in the track/vent session where he raps, "I made you bitch/Bitch you was never for me/I gave you fame on a grail/I put you back on the charts/I gave you number 1 spot/Fuck you bitch I could buy you all."

He continues, "I gave your bitch a number 1, then I gave your bitch the dick/Fuck all you hoes on a hoe/I gave a bitch to another nigga/I go and get me another bitch."

Future shared the same sentiment in his Like I Never Left documentary following his break up with the R&B singer back in 2015. Just not as harshly. During a convo about their issues, Future noted, "[Ciara] didn't want [me and Mike Will] to be a part of [her album] at first," he said. "I was like, 'damn, we just came off a No. 1 and you go straight to Dr. Luke and start working with him an go right back to the pop lane after you get a little steam.'"

He added, "Me and Mike Will didn't get to work on the last Ciara album, even though we were coming off a No. 1."

Clearly he still feels some type of way about that situation. The drama continues.

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