A scary scene unfolded during a basketball tournament in Mansfield, Texas on Saturday (April 22). 

WFAA is reporting that a mass panic erupted after a parent and a coach got into it at a tournament being held at the Fieldhouse USA complex. According to the report, both individuals were told to leave the complex. 

One of the two then went to their vehicle and grabbed a gun. Shortly after, someone claimed to have heard shots fired, which led to the crowd quickly heading for the exits. 

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However, upon further investigation, police discovered that there weren’t actually any shots fired. Instead, if you watch the video closely, you’ll notice that someone trips over a table at about the 10-second mark. 

And that’s when all hell breaks loose. 

You hear someone say “shooter” and panic ensues. Everyone abandons the games being played and either takes cover or heads for the exit. The entire complex was eventually evacuated. 

As much as it sucks to hear that someone felt the need to grab a gun after an argument, at least there were no shots fired, and miraculously, no injuries were reported. Any time there’s a mad rush for the exits like that, it’s highly likely that someone will get trampled in the chaos. 

The two individuals who were involved in the altercation have been identified and as of this posting, the case is still under investigation by the Mansfield Police Department.

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