A precious little boy professing his love for corn is currently winning the hearts of the collective internet.

In a viral clip from Recess Therapy, a young kid explains why corn is amazing and not only is it relatable, but it may be one of the most therapeutic pieces of content that I've seen in quite some time.

Recess Therapy is a social media show hosted by Julian Shapiro-Barnum who interviews kids between ages 2 and 9. We all know that kids make for the most hilarious interviews by nature (they say the "darndest things," amirite?) but this little boy is in his own stratosphere of adorable.

TikTok, Recess Therapy
TikTok, Recess Therapy

First of all, let's just point out that this kid is praising all the great things about corn while missing his front teeth, which sets the tone for the feel-good clip. Like, how is he even eating this corn in the first place?

Also, he doesn't just point out the obvious good things about corn—but instead, somehow offers life lessons based on the corn that apply to so many other facets of life (the line "not everyone has to like it for it to be the best" is **chef's kiss**).

But who am I fooling? The obvious best part about this amazing visual is how this kid pronounces the word corn as "cohne"—over, and over, and over again.

What's crazy is that this kid says he wasn't even able to realize his love for corn until someone told him it was "real." Ever since then, it's "tasted good." When asked to describe corn to someone who has never tasted it, our viral kid hero didn't disappoint when he painted the perfect mental picture of "a big lump with knobs."

By the way, the best part is the part with juice and all corn should only cost $1.

It's almost embarrassing how many times I've watched this video but somehow it gets better with every single play. I highly suggest you just watch it and please feel free to share it with someone who doesn't know they need a smile right now.

Because they will. I promise you, they will.

Check out the official Recess Therapy TikTok and Instagram for more feel-good content and have a corntastic day!

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