If you are like many Killeen-Temple, Texas area families that are enjoying an evening, after supper walk on these beautiful fall days, you have undoubtedly heard extra booms coming from post recently. Now, drills are obviously very common on any military installation, however, after the Hamas attacks earlier this month, the whole world has gotten a bit more tense, and you can't help but feel like the activity level has elevated on Fort Cavazos.

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These speculations based on what we are seeing and hearing in combination to the overall feel are only intensified by reports from Washington stating the Pentagon has ordered 2,000 troops to prepare for deployment. One thing is for sure, everyone knows at least one person who is tied to the military, and you are most likely even closer to somebody who has an opinion about the whole matter.

Why would Fort Cavazos, Texas be among the deployed?


As the home of III Armored Corps, the specialty of the post is heavy forces including two armored divisions. So, if the war in Israel was to escalate with the addition of Iran or Hezbollah forces, the odds of posted personnel to deploy would most certainly go up.

Our prayers all remain likeminded that the conflict will end peacefully and soon, but we also know our soldiers stand ready to leave "The Great Place," and perform their duty whenever called. The waiting game can be the hardest, but if it is another day safe at home, then we all gladly wait.

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