When you are exploring career options in Killeen-Temple, Texas, one of the top questions people research is how much money they can make. Obviously the hours are important because people are more mindful now than ever to find the balance that comes from a proper ratio of work and quality of life.

My wife and I chose together it would be best for me to pursue morning radio for its flexibility within our family life. Thankfully, with my career choice, getting home safely isn't really something that is ever a worry. There are several career choices in Texas that come with major risks.

We all are fairly aware of the general dangers of working in a first responder industry. Police, Fire, EMS workers all put their lives on the line by rushing into dangerous situations, and spending hours on the busy roadways of their respective markets.

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Believe it or not, the most dangerous jobs don't always come with that attached hazard pay that is assumed.

10 Most Dangerous Jobs In Texas

Based on data accumulated by Industrial Safety and Hygiene News, these are the most dangerous jobs in Texas.

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