The Boy Scouts Of America have recently announced that they will be undergoing a name change. Here's what is known at the time of writing.

The Boy Scouts Of America Are Changing In Texas, And The Nation

Per CBS News Texas, the organization is undergoing changes due to various issues the institution has seen over the years. CBS News Texas reported on the alleged sex abuse that occurred, as well as claims of discrimination.

For over a century, 114 years to be exact, the organization was known as Boy Scouts Of America. But, by February of 2025, the Boy Scouts Of America will be known as Scouting America. This name change also alters various parts of it as well.

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With the change to Scouting America, more young children will be able to join them. As stated by Gordon Shattles. the Communications Director for the organization said:

"We are opening this up so that we say, really, 'Scouting is for everyone and we welcome you.'"

Further Shifts In The Institution Per The Communications Director


Other things that will look different in Scouting America is the addition of further qualifications to help with them. Per Shattles:

They will "work very closely with our local law enforcement. We have required criminal background checks for all of our leaders. We have training for all of our leaders, as well...When you come into scouting, you're going to be safe either as an individual or as a family."

As this is a developing story, we will have more information when it becomes available.

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