A little after 6am this morning, it was reported by several listeners calling and sending App Chat messages, Interstate 14 and Highway 190 just east of Nolanville, Texas has closed due to an 18 wheeler and several other vehicles catching fire. At this time, both directions of the highway are closed. You will need to find an appropriate detour if you want to get through the area.

Update: It has been reported the driver of the semi has passed.

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What would be a good way to reroute?

Depending on if your final destination is to the north or south of the area, or you are just trying to get east or west, these are some good alternate routes to avoid the shutdown.

To get around via a north route and traveling east from Harker Heights or Killeen, you will want to head north on Pleasant Hill Road or FM Spur 439 to reach Highway 439. From there you can continue east or northeast from the junction with Nolan Valley Road. You also may be able to reach the are via Paddy Hamilton Road, but that is getting congested quickly.

To get around via a southern route you can connect to Interstate 35 via Stillhouse Lake Road and travel to/from Stillhouse Hollow Dam along FM Farm to Market 2484.

When will I-14 reopen?

That will depend entirely on how long the local Fire Departments are battling active fires. If all the damaged vehicles are kept to one side of the interstate, it is possible one direction will reopen once it's safe to pass. The other direction will likely stay closed for a very long time as clean up from such an accident can take a while.


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