Yes, we ALL love Buc-ee's. Lately, it almost feels like all I have been writing about is what is happening there like the new car wash coming soon to Buc-ee's in Temple, Texas. However, there is one thing we all need to stop doing immediately.

Can I just begin with there is no such thing as a quick trip to Buc-ee's? No wonder there is food available from end to end because if you do not pack a lunch, you may actually expire like a character in Oregon Trail before you finish the journey.

The place really is like a trading post for road trips. It has snacks, drinks, supplies and games for over the road adventures. Besides the necessities, they also have a ton of décor and tchotchkes you didn't know you needed.

What does everyone at Buc-ee's need to stop doing immediately?



PLEASE! Stop leaving your car unattended at the gas pumps.

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There are parking spaces for guests who want to go inside the store, but there is literally nothing more selfish you can do at a gas station than leaving your car parked at a pump to go inside. There are only 3 steps to getting fuel.

  1. Pull up.
  2. Fill up.
  3. LEAVE.

Literally all of these cars were parked at pumps with nobody around at all.

The only exception to a vehicle parked at a spot unattended is in the extremely rare, and probably almost never happens, need to prepay before you begin fueling. Does anyone actually prepay anymore? When was the last time you saw it happen, let alone did it yourself?

One of Texas' biggest Buc-ee's just turned 8 in Temple.

Temple, Texas is home to one of the biggest Buc-ee's, and just turned 8 years old.

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