As time goes on, items can lose their luster and value. But some things we care about don't do that. They actually reverse their role, and become more valuable as time goes on.

Yes, vintage items are pretty cool to look at, even cooler to own. But those items we just talked about, they cost money. Sometimes, a lot of money, amounts that we might not even see in our lifetimes.

But what constitutes an item commanding a high price? Sometimes you have to look at where the item is from. If it's from a classic TV show, odds are, the item will bring many an eye to look upon it.

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Let's Head To One Famous TV Bar Shall We?

Recently in Texas, an auction was held to sell classic TV items to the individual who had the most money. According to CBS Austin, close to 1,000 items from TV show's past were up for grabs.

One of the items? A very familiar bar from a show you may know. Yes, the "Cheers" bar was on the auction block. So how much do you think it went for?

Personally, I'd think at least $200,000. I mean it's vintage no doubt, but there's no way it could command more, at least in my opinion. So what was the final price tag?

According To CBS Austin, it went for...$675,000?!? Wow! Who has that much money to afford a TV bar?

Thank goodness I was wrong right? I didn't know the true value!

Speaking Of Money...

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Okay, I’m kidding, but when I asked artificially intelligent bot brain ChatGPT for the best places to retire in Texas, these are the answers it spit out, along with this disclaimer: “Please note that this list is not exhaustive and there may be other great places to retire in Texas that are not included here. It is always best to research and visit the place before making a decision.

Good advice, but let’s look at the top places it recommended and decide for ourselves, shall we? Some look like winners, but some have us wondering if the computer is short-circuiting.

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