For some, the celebration of the Christmas season has already begun. While waiting for Thanksgiving to pass is rule for some, others can't to spend the cheer of the season. But one thing is true, Christmas is indeed quickly approaching.

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Let's be honest though, sometimes hearing one of our favorite Christmas songs, or seeing a well decorated tree can put a smile on our face right? So a little merry feeling is always welcome. But with all these holidays decorations, some see an opportunity to deface or outright take items that don't belong to them.

Veterans Park Tree Defaced By Unknown Individual or Individuals

Recently, the Lacy Lakeview Police Department announced on their Facebook that a Christmas tree at Veterans Park had been tampered with:

This is both infuriating and saddening. Why would anyone decide to willingly strip a tree of lights, unplug everything, and take away part of the tree? As mentioned in the post by the department, there are cameras in the area of where the tree was placed, so there is potentially a way for law enforcement to find the culprits.

If you know anything about the defacing of the tree, you are encouraged to call local law enforcement with information that could help find the individuals or individuals involved.

Other Incidents Regarding Theft In Central Texas

This hasn't been the first instance of destruction of property in Central Texas. A business in Killeen is also looking for answers after their store was broken into, which you can read about here.

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