There is a saying in Michigan, "We have two seasons, winter and construction." Now, even though our winters aren't nearly as lengthy or intense, some seasons are just better for the overall effectiveness when it comes to construction. The city of Killeen, Texas will be shutting down several roads over the coming days to slurry seal the surfaces.

What is slurry seal?

It's a mixture of materials that helps with filling potholes and other damage, while also lengthening the life of the road and improving traction.

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What roads will be closed, and for how long?

The projects are scheduled to run today and tomorrow, then take a break for the 3 day holiday weekend before resuming on Tuesday through next Friday, June 2nd.

May 25th:

  1. Northwood Court
  2. Driftwood Court
  3. Suellen Lane
  4. Melanie Drive
  5. Emilie Lane
  6. Charlotte Lane
  7. Sue Anne Drive

May 26th:

  1. Tower Street near Kaiser Street
  2. Kaiser Street
  3. Stewart Street
  4. Elkwood Street
  5. Patton Road
  6. Azalea Court

May 30th:

  1. Creekwood Court
  2. Timberwood Court
  3. Grazing Court
  4. Southern Belle Drive
  5. Schneider Drive
  6. Orts Drive
  7. Bertha Drive

May 31st:

  1. East Riverwood Court
  2. East Trailwood Court
  3. Malachi Lane
  4. Birmingham Circle
  5. Epinette Drive

June 1st:

  1. West Riverwood Court
  2. West Trailwood Court
  3. Deerwood Loop
  4. Atkinson Avenue at 10th Street to the dead end
  5. Whitlow Avenue
  6. West Dean Avenue at Walton Walker Drive to Garth Drive

June 2nd:

  1. Sissom Court
  2. Rocky Lane
  3. Kern Road
  4. Harbour Avenue
  5. Goodnight Drive

The projects are only scheduled to shut down each day's roads for that day. Crews will finish each section before completing their day weather permitting. Read more with KWTX.

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