This past summer, the heat was bearing down upon the state of Texas. Many tried to avoid going outside for elongated periods of time, with many just trying to stay cool. Staying outside in triple digits for more than ten minutes can easily result in a sweaty situation.

But why bring up the Texas heat now when it's clearly on the downslide? Because there's a group of individuals that brave it for an extended period of time, to put together a show that many parents see every week.

Who am I talking about? Well it's of course marching bands in the state of Texas!

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The Marching Arts In The Lone Star State

As someone who took the field for over nine years as band kid, both as a Baritone and Tuba player, I understand the time and effort it takes to prepare for a show performance. It's hard to describe the feeling that you have when you only have one chance during a show to get something right.

But more importantly, all band kids know that feeling when you absolutely nail a part of a performance. It's even better when it's on video too, so you can absolutely savior the moment. For band kids, current and former, it's great to see your work in video form.

Thankfully, for some bands in the state a Tik Tok account has posted from moments from competitions past.

Let's Take A Look At A Few Shall We?

How about we start with a great trombone solo?

Also, who doesn't love a little Earth, Wind, And Fire in their lives? What about a musical hit so big it makes technology freak out?

Last but certainly not least, one heck of a performance of this song:

These are just of the few performances posted by the account, and they're all fantastic. But the next performance could come any Friday night.


I hope all the marching bands in Texas have great seasons!

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