We've all wanted to go back in time don't we? Whether it be to relive a moment in our life, or to potentially find some relief after an embarrassing moment in our life. Whatever the case, the only way to remember these moments is in our own minds.

But...what if I told you there was a way to revisit these moments in person? Where you could actually see the moment in time and watch it happen in real time? You'd probably say that it's impossible.

Well, while yes it is certainly beyond the realm of possibility, there is certainly one way for us in Central Texas to see how the area around us has grown in years past.

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Time Traveling In Temple? How Does That Work?

Well now you're certainly wondering how to do that right? The one way to do it, drum roll please...Google! That's right, Google will us help travel back in time.

So let's turn back the clock various areas in Temple see what they once looked like before development!

Did You Ever Want To Time Travel In Temple, Texas? Well You Can!

They say it isn't possible, but things are a bit different in the Lone Star State.

Whew! What a trip. Glad to be back in our own time though. Are there any places you'd like to revisit? Let us know by sending us a message on our FREE station app!

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