We all know crime doesn't pay. Committing any crime usually results in the individual in question going through the legal process, and possible jail time. But after the legal process has taken its course, and the individual is either convicted or found innocent, that's the where the story usually ends.

But sometimes, the individual in question does something even sillier, and they end up in further trouble. Today, we discuss one of those situations.

Jaime Lynn Kato And Her Alleged Plan While In Jail

According to KWTX, an inmate in the McLennan County Jail recently was recently charged with enhanced charge of engaging in organized criminal activity. Jaime Lynn Kato, the inmate in question, is alleged to try and smuggle illegal items into the jail. Which, if Kato is found guilty of the charge, could lead to Kato spending the rest of her life in jail.

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However, Kato wasn't the only one involved it the alleged plan. KWTX states that the indictment also mentioned four other unnamed individuals involved in the plan. But what led investigators to the discovery of the Kato's scheme?

Kato's Comments On Phone Calls

Investigation revealed that Kato's phone calls inside the jail were recorded. According to KWTX, a conversation was recorded between an unidentified inmate and Kato detailing the plan to smuggle drugs and the following plan to split the revenue from the scheme.

But the more shocking thing from investigation is the way the drugs were being taken into the jail. Investigators learned that the drugs in question were found on a page of a Sudoku book, and on pages of a Bible Study Pamphlet.

WHAT? How did they even come up with this idea? This...just doesn't make any sense does it.

So let this be a lesson everyone, don't do sillier things while in jail. Or rather, don't commit crimes!

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