Ah Whataburger. We talk about you a lot don't we? But it's justified after all, you're a staple of the Lone Star State.

Well, when a Texas original continues to grow, it'll soon face an idea that many will hope to have when they start a business: expansion outside the area they started. Which is rather exciting right?

Well, when you go to a different place, there are certain things that might have to change. For Whataburger, it looks like a certain change will have to take place if they are to do business at a very well known college.

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The University Of Alabama, Whataburger, And The Color Orange

So full disclosure, I graduated from the University Of Alabama, and my radio career started at Townsquare Tuscaloosa. But when I first saw this post on social media, it only seemed like a rumor this happened:

Wait a moment. The orange in Whataburger isn't allowed to be that close to the University? Well it's location to the stadium is indeed very close.

But there's no way the University Of Alabama said "No Orange On Campus" right? Shockingly, the research done reveals, yes, Alabama said no to Whataburger orange!

A Statement From An University Of Alabama Spokesperson

Thanks to our friends at the Tuscaloosa Thread, it was indeed confirmed UA said orange isn't allowed. According to Shane Dorrill, UA's Assistant Director Of Communications:

"As a requirement for occupancy of the space, Whataburger needed to adjust their typical signage for the location in University Town Center. This type of requirement is typical to ensure aesthetic consistency in developments."

Many questions are now being wondered, but if I may for one moment...

Reason For The Banning Of Orange In Tuscaloosa

Look, I bleed crimson and white it's no secret. But here's the thing, Alabama fans have a reason for not liking orange. I mean just look at this color of orange:

Missouri v Tennessee
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Everyone's eyes just hurt looking at that orange, let's be real here. So yes, wearing in orange in Tuscaloosa might get you a few weird looks.

But believe me, they love Whataburger as much as we do, so let's agree to disagree on the color detail shall we?

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