Birdman is undergoing another name change next year, only this time he will be altering his government name.

On Thursday (Dec. 15), the Cash Money cofounder shared a video on social media explaining his decision.

"2023, I’m changing my name," Birdman said in the video. "I was born Brian Brooks. My momma died and my daddy pulled me out the boys home, and I became a Willams. And I love my daddy with every piece of my soul. But 2023, I want to die Brian Brooks. Not saying I’m about to die. I’m just saying I’ma change my name to Brian Brooks. In February 2023, I won’t be Williams no more. I’ll be Brian Brooks."

Birdman has changed his rap name multiple times during his career, starting out as B-32 (Brian With 32 Golds) on early tracks like "I Need a Bag of Dope," and moving on to other monikers such as Baby, Beatrice, Stunna, and or course, Birdman.

Birdman isn't the first rapper to recently announce a name change. Last month, Future revealed he'd officially changed his name from Nayvadius Wilburn to Nayvadius Cash. Over the summer, Ray J announced he had plans to change his name to Tron.

"My real name is Willie. Willie Ray Norwood Jr. I’m a junior, so Ray Jr.," he reveled on an episode of The Talk. "But my dad has owned Willie, that’s his name, that’s my dad’s name. He’s Willie. So, I’m Ray J, but I’m changing that too."

"I'm going with a new name at the top of the year," he added. "Ray J, he's lived, you know what I mean. It's time to evolve," he said. "My new name will be Tron."

Most famously, last year, Kanye West legally changed his name to Ye.

See Birdman Explaining the Reason for His Name Change Below

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