Boosie BadAzz was livid after a recent drive-thru experience where he wasn't given the correct amount of condiments he asked for.

On Sunday morning (May 21), Boosie took a trip to McDonald's to grab a bite to eat. The rapper ordered a number of items and asked for condiments to go with his order. Specifically, four packs of strawberry jelly.

"Can I get some strawberry jelly, 'bout four of them," Boosie requests.

After getting his bags, Boosie confirms with the drive-thru worker that he's received his precious jelly packets, only to pull off and realize he only got half of the amount he asked for.

"Damn, you stingy with the jelly," Boosie snaps while pulling off. "Hate when they act like that with the f**king jelly. You is not getting no f**king raise to get no f**king jelly."

"F**king two packs, I should go back," Boosie continued. "Stupid a*s. Told her four jelly. She give me two. I hate when they act like that with f**king jelly. And it's not your f**king jelly. They got so much of that s**t in there."

We've all been there. Boosie isn't the first rapper to go off on the Golden Arches on social media. Last May, DJ Khaled expressed frustration with Mickey D's online after having to drive to five different restaurants to get a Happy Meal.

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