DJ Akademiks lashed out at producer Metro Boomin after he kindly asked Ak to stop posting about him on his Instagram account.

On Friday (March 10), DJ Akademiks reshared Metro Boomin's tweet on Thursday (March 9) which appeared to be his response to Hit-Boy's song, "Slipping Into Darkness," where the California producer name-checked him on the track.

In the comment section of Ak's post, Metro made a simple request. "Hey I’m politely asking 1 more time that you please not post me or anything to do with me on this page," he wrote. "Thanks! [handshake emoji]."

Ak caught wind of Metro Boomin's comment and angrily responded: "@metroboomin respectfully my answer to ur request is F**K No. get the f**k off my page ... I don't post for u. Nor do I can what u think about what I posted bout u Sincerely.-BIG AK[.]"

But Ak wasn't done yet. The podcaster launched into a tirade during his streaming show on Twitch and called Metro a "sensitive b***h" and "moist" for making such a demand. Then Ak posted a series of photos of Metro Boomin on his Instagram account. Although the photos have since been deleted, Ak egged the famed producer to do something about it.

In one post, Ak wrote: @metroboomin …u wanna address why u threw a hissy fit to get no jumper to take ya interview down? .. can't pull that over here pal. Grow up[.]"

In another post, featuring a photo of Metro, Ak warned: "Next comment u post on my page .. just remember .. I'm media.. ppl been tryna air out ur Skeletons. Black me. [heart emoji]. Don't ever comment here again. We can play."

Metro Boomin has not responded to DJ Akademiks' temper tantrum.

Hopefully, these two men can come to a peaceful resolution.

Watch DJ Akademiks Go Off on Metro Boomin on his Twitch Channel and His Subsequent Instagram Posts Below

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