JT recently shared video of her driver turning up to Young Dolph and the footage has gone viral.

This morning (April 26), the City GirlsJT posted video on her Instagram Story that shows her in the backseat of a presumed rideshare vehicle. Only this is not your typical driver, apparently. The car is lit up with club lights and the driver, an obviously older gentleman, is rapping Young Dolph's breakout single "Preach."

"I can't stop/Won't stop, can't stop/Never hear me complainin' 'bout what I ain't got," the driver animatedly spits while JT hypes him up in the video below. "'Cause if I want it, I'ma go get it/Free my n***a Yo Diddy."

JT captioned the footage "Yeah ern!" along with multiple crying laughing emojis. It is unclear if she gave Ern five stars for his extraordinary ride experience.

JT has made the hip-hop headlines multiple times recently for defending her boyfriend Lil Uzi Vert. Earlier this month, she blasted a Twitter user for saying Uzi has her dressing like the Bride of Chucky.

"It’s really not funny as it was years ago!" JT snapped. "B***h I had on my outfit for my show get off his d**k obsessed asf!!

A few days later, she clapped back at an Instagram troll for commenting on the Philadelphia rapper recently revealing their alter ego Leslie by telling the person their baby looks like Finesse2Tymes.

See Video of JT's Driver Rapping Young Dolph's "Preach" Lyrics Below

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