It's no secret that Kodak Black supports Donald Trump. Recently, the South Florida rapper shared his thoughts on Trump following his arrest earlier this week.

On Wednesday (April 6), Kodak Black hopped on his Instagram Live and commented about his friend Donald Trump who was arrested and arraigned on Tuesday (April 4) on 34 felony counts for falsifying New York business records before the 2016 elections. Yak said people are hating Trump because he's a stand-up guy.

"I feel like these people are on some other s**t," he said during his incoherent rant. "They are trying to get Trump out the way cause Trump a stand-up n***a. [Joe] Biden will let a n***a do anything."

"Trump is a real n***a. He's a soldier," he continued. "It ain't how he snapped for a n***a. It ain't even about that."

"Trump already had big baggage. Luggage," he added, before concluding, "Y'all get off Trump, man."

Kodak's allegiance to Trump may stem from the former president pardoning the 25-year-old rapper's sentence on his final day in office in January 2021. Yak was serving a four-year prison sentence on a federal firearms charge stemming from his May 2019 arrest. Kodak finally met Trump in May 2022 and thanked him for his gesture while in office.

Since then, Kodak, who changed his birth name to Bill Kapri, has been following in Donald Trump's footsteps by getting into commercial real estate. In February 2023, the "Super Gremlin" rapper purchased a nearly 1-acre property in Pompano Beach, Fla., for $1.8 million, reported the Real Deal.

Kodak Black's agent Kaila Maman said her client plans on renovating the property into a "luxury retail space" with a restaurant.

Listen to Kodak Black Share His Thoughts on Donald Trump Following His Arrest Below

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