Lil Durk is facing backlash for copping a huge Star of Islam chain.

Lil Durk Shows Off New Islam-Themed Bling

Lil Durk recently copped some new bling, but not everyone is here for it. On Wednesday (May 1), photos surfaced of Durkio rocking a massive piece and chain that displays an intricate gold star and crescent design inlaid with what looks like hundreds of diamonds. The pictures can be seen below.

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Lil Durk Faces Backlash Due to Muslim-Inspired Chain

Lil Durk faced backlash in the comment section of one Instagram post, with many people calling the Grammy-winning rapper and practicing Muslim out for going against his religion.

"Then bro gon turn around and rap abt slingin dope and catching bodies," one person commented under the post.

"He got a star and crescent chain but it’s in gold and technically gold is haram in islam, it has to be silver," another comment reads.

"This is wrong in muslim culture bro, its better to wear a small koran ropechain as a necklace than a diamond chain thats worth thousands, God would want him to spend that money on people in need instead of chain u know," someone else posted.

Lil Durk Chain Is Haram

Several people called out the "All My Life" rhymer's chain for being Haram or forbidden in the Muslim faith. Some acts that are considered Haram include the eating of pork, consuming alcohol, gambling and pornography. In Islam, both gold jewelry and silk garments are also prohibited for men to wear. So, even though Durk is putting on for his faith with the massive piece, he is technically committing a prohibited act according to his religion.

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Check out Lil Durk's massive star and crescent chain and reactions below.

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See Lil Durk Face Backlash After Showing Off His Huge Star of Islam Chain

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