Lil Pump appeared to take a handful of shrooms during a recent flight and ended up tripping hard in an incident that was captured on camera.

Last week, Lil Pump shared video of himself on a flight with a few friends. In the clip, the South Florida rapper busts open a bag of what appears to be dozens of shrooms before grabbing several and eating them while his friend laughs.

"These good as f*ck, boy," Pump boasts to the camera while munching on the psychedelic plant. However, Pump's good times appear to have turned into a nightmare. Seconds later, the video cuts to Pump tripping balls while the plane appears to land. The "Gucci Gang" rapper can be seen with his mouth wide open emitting a strange gargling sound while those around him bust out in laughter.

Lil Pump is on the heels of releasing his latest album Lil Pump 2, which dropped on March 17. Pump's latest LP features guest appearances from YoungBoy Never Broke Again, Ty Dolla $ign, Smokepurpp, Rio Da Yung OG and more. Pump's also recently been going through a physical transformation. Back in February, he showed off the progress of his new workout regimen. The same month, he removed his iced-out grill and replaced it with a shiny set of veneers. He also trolled fans with a new hairstyle.

See Video of Lil Pump Appearing to Take a Handful of Shrooms on a Plane and Trip Hard Below

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