Prosecutors in the Tory Lanez case are asking the judge to sentence the rapper to 13 years in prison for shooting Megan Thee Stallion.

Tory Lanez's fate is now in a judge's hands as he has exhausted his appeal and will be sentenced next week. Tory is facing a minimum of nine years and a maximum of 22 years in prison, and possible deportation, after being found guilty of assault with a semiautomatic firearm, carrying a loaded, unregistered firearm in a vehicle and discharging a firearm in a grossly negligent manner to cause bodily injury back on Dec. 23, 2022. Prosecutors are asking the judge to make Tory, born Daystar Peterson, serve 13 years.

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Prosecutors Suggest Sentence of 13 Years for Tory Lanez

On Tuesday (June 6), prosecutors filed a memorandum in Los Angeles Superior Court giving their suggested sentencing. They detailed their reasoning for recommending four years above the minimum.

"Words have power and the pen is oftentimes mightier than the sword. In this case, [Tory Lanez] used both," reads the memorandum, which is addressed to Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge David Herriford. "Not content to have hurt the victim by use of his sword (gun), he also used his pen. His online posts for nearly three years have re-traumatized the victim."

"His online reach is worldwide (millions of followers plus casual observers) and the defendant’s statements embolden his followers so that they too have been complicit in re-traumatizing the victim," the memo continues. "He is responsible for the effect of his words and his actions."

The filing also cites Tory Lanez's "unprovoked attack" on August Alsina last August, Tory addressing the shooting on his 2020 Daystar album and his multiple violations of a protective order leading up to the trial. The memo also notes that Tory should be ineligible for probation due to the aggravating factor of his charges.

"The Court may also consider the defendant’s lack of remorse as a basis to deny probation," the memo continues. "The defendant has failed to exhibit any remorse, which begs the question whether any of the apologies he directed to the victim in his text message and jail call were genuine and not just driven by an effort to maintain her silence."

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Tory Lanez's Arrest and Trial

Tory Lanez was initially arrested on a gun charge shortly after the shooting incident on July 12, 2020. On that night, Megan testified she left a Hollywood Hills, Calif. party with Tory, her former friend Kelsey Harris and Lanez's driver when an argument ensued. Megan exited the car and Tory Lanez shot at her, leaving bullet fragments in her feet. Following a two-week trial, a jury found Tory Lanez guilty of shooting Megan Thee Stallion last December. Tory did not testify in the trial.

When Will Tory Lanez Be Sentenced?

Following an appeal of the verdict by his attorneys, Tory Lanez was denied a new trial on May 9. The rapper's sentencing has been set for June 13.

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